Practicum Rules

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Add/Drop Practicum

The period for Add/Drop Practicum is subject to the period acknowledged by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Withdraw Practicum

The period for unpaid withdrawal begins in the first week until the fifth week, whereas the period for paid withdrawal starts in the sixth week until the eight week of the semester which you decided to undertake practicum.


Students are not allowed to take leave throughout the whole practicum period.

Submission of Final Report

Student are compulsory to submit their practicum final report to the respective supervisors before or on the stated due date. In any case of late submission, students are deserved for grade F even though they have met other practicum criteria.

Failed Course of Studies While on Training

Students who failed one (1) course while on training are allowed to re-sitting the special examination on the date acknowledged by the Examination Unit, Office of Academic Affairs provided that they have been given permission by the employers. However, students who failed two (2) or more courses are not allowed to re-sitting the special examinations and must complete their practicum period. Students can only repeat failed courses in the coming semester.

Incomplete Grade

Students who are not able to submit the practicum final report or complete any of evaluation criteria within the stated period can apply for Incomplete Grade. Approval is subject to the following conditions:

Application letterIncomplete Grade by students must be addressed to the Dean's of Student Development and Alumni, College of Business after getting approval from their supervisors (lecturers).

Application letter must reach Office of the Dean within two (2) weeks after completing practicum.

Incomplete Grade must be redeemed within the first four (4) weeks after the due date of submission of practicum final report.

If Incomplete Grade is redeemed after the period of the first four (4) weeks, the students are entitled for one grade lower from the grade they deserved to obtain.

If Incomplete Grade is not redeemed after the second four (4) weeks, the students are entitled for grade F for practicum.

Course Enrollment While on Training

While on training, students are not allowed to enroll any course of studies either in normal or intersession semester.


During registration day, students must register two (2) preferred cities. Subject to availability of practicum places offered by organizations, CUIC at its best effort shall place students at their first preferred cities. Nonetheless. CUIC reserves the right to place students at other cities subject to vacancies and suitability of requested organizations.

Student’s Responsibility

Students are responsible for their accommodation and all expenses incurred throughout practicum period. As such, students are advised to plan and prepare all their needs in order to ensure practicum programme is successfully followed.