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Mobility Program is very crucial for International students to immerse themselves into social and academic cultures of other countries and provides opportunities for international students to study in and experience Malaysia. The purpose of the Student Mobility Program is to offer the opportunity to International university students to undertake undergraduate or graduate studies at Universiti Utara Malaysia. The program is for one semester or one academic year, as a way to incorporate an international dimension to their university training.

There are 2 types of mobility, inbound and outbound.

a.Mobility Inbound

COB of Universiti Utara Malaysia gives an opportunity for International student to study at COB in Mobility Program. It combines with experiences life in University environment. Learn in multicultural of Malaysia.

b. Mobility Outbound

Mobility Outbound Program is an opportunity for COB student to get experiences abroad

An overview of Mobility Program can be found in the brochure “UUM International Mobility” or please contact the academic office at COB main building.